Hi welcome to Laneway Espresso House. We serve specialty coffee, locally roasted and served as you like it.

Espresso comes in many forms and yes we have espresso from short black, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, piccolo, flat white and more but we also do an amazing Batch Brew (served Hot or Cold), our barista can prepare you an individual V60 Pour Over and come and have a look at our ice drip in action but be warned the cold drip produces coffee very high in caffeine so be warned!

We also serve Iced drinks, Fresh Juices and Smoothies.

And we have delicious food available all day.

Cakes, pastries and our amazing Vegan Cookies.

Breakfasts and Lunch or take your pick for a brunch sitting inside or out and enjoy the atmosphere the shady lane that is Ebenezer place offers in the East End of Adelaide